Therapeutic Exercise Programs


Exercise therapy is a key component in many of our physiotherapist’s treatment plans because it proactively helps to restore normal muscle function and control. It is an important part of our clinical approach to help you move more easily, feel less pain, get stronger and be healthier.

After understanding your medical history and injury history, we will analyze any imbalances or deficiencies in your muscles, joints, nerves and overall movement. We will then develop a customized exercise therapy program for you that addresses your flexibility, strength, stability, balance, coordination and any sport or work specific skills.

Your treatment plan will include a combination of therapeutic exercises that you can do at home as directed by your physiotherapist and some that are done in our clinic under direct supervision.

Hand-out sheets with pictures of the exercises, a description and the prescription will be provided. The exercises can be emailed to you for your permanent records. Your physiotherapist will walk you through your exercise program so that you will do them properly between appointments. You can click on the emailed exercises provided and a video will start to demonstrate how to do the exercises at home.

The home exercises play an integral role in your recovery process so the more committed you are to the exercises, the shorter your recovery process.