Post-Operative Hip & Knee Rehab


The Manitoba Government announced in 2023, that they will cover Physiotherapy for patients who have had a total hip or knee replacement surgery (after January 1st, 2023). Those eligible who have not received treatment can qualify for up to 6 individual physiotherapy sessions OR 10 group sessions starting April 1st, 2023 by a licensed provider of their choice.

Eligibility Example #1 – Patient has no private or third-part coverage

If the patient has no insurance the full cost of the appointment is eligible for coverage up to the specificed dollar amount or maximum visit/class number, whichever comes first.

Eligibility Example #2 – Patient had third-party coverage (option to use MB Post-Op funding as a secondary insurance).

Patients with private coverage must first utilize their third-party insurance. If the coverage is 80% then the patient can use the MB Post-Op funding as a secondary insurance to cover remaining 20%. This will still cap at 6 visits, even if only a small portion of the funding has been used.

Eligibility Example #3 – Patient has third-party coverage (option to use MB Post-Op funding once primary insurance has maxed).

If the patient has private coverage, they may choose to pay for their appointments using this, and cover the remaining balance themselves. Once they have maxed their own insurance, they may use the MB Post-Op coverage and woiuld have 6 individual session OR 10 group sessions.

The class option is a cost-effective rehabilitation program following replacement surgery. After a full detailed physiotherapy assessment, the classes will start with individualized one-to-one physiotherapy care. Once the patient is safe to participate and advanced enough in their care they will be eligible for a small group supervised rehabilitation exercise class.

The class will assist in managing post-operative pain, swelling, exercise and mobility aid progression.

All four D’Arcy Bain Physiotherapy clinic locations will be participating in the provision of the six individual sessions.