Kinesio Taping & Athletic Taping


Taping in physiotherapy is the application of specialized tape to the skin to help maintain stability and proprioception (awareness) during activity. Taping is an effective treatment for relieving pain, stabilizing joints and creating body awareness.

Supportive Taping prevents extra range of movement and gives support for sport as well as daily and work activities. It can be applied to the ankle, plantar fascia, thumb, wrist, fingers and elbows.

Kinesio Taping provides muscle, tendons and ligaments tactile feedback which helps to limit symptoms. Some tape provides directional support to the area. This tape is commonly applied to the shoulder for impingement, back strains/sprains, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, knee problems and iliotibial band tension.

Compression Taping provides pressure to limit/control swelling after an injury or during rehab. It works well for symptoms in the ankle, fingers, elbows, wrists, contusions/bruising and knees.

Physiotherapists take courses and require practice to apply the tape therapeutically. Although the patterns for taping are not always done the same, they all support the anatomy underneath the targeted area.