Headaches & TMJ


Headaches associated with jaw, dental problems or neck problems are all addressed differently.

There is a complex relationship with ones bite, jaw movement, grinding teeth and headaches. Usually, our physiotherapists work with dentists to resolve the problem using physiotherapeutic techniques, modalities, night guards and bite guards. Education in oral hygiene and food management are also addressed.

Headaches of a soft-tissue origin are treated with manual therapy, ergonomic postural changes for work, computer work, rest and reading. Direction on pillows, sleeping position and glasses are addressed.

This type of treatment for soft tissue usually does not work overnight (one treatment, one technique, all gone). Changes in symptoms are gradual, with the first noticeable change being the headache’s intensity, then the symptom area becoming smaller, leading to more intermittent symptoms between episodes. To maintain this improvement, massage therapy can aide in maintenance that is needed for headache / tension management.

There should be a gradual decrease in the need for any medication with a treatment plan.