Aquatic Therapy


This is physiotherapy done in the water using the buoyancy of water to facilitate exercises given by the therapist. Aquatic therapy is beneficial for joint flexibility as the buoyancy of the water allows for better range of motion, and also eases low back pain, aides in muscle strengthening, and decreased pain for those with arthritis.

Aquatic therapy gives the patient an alternative exercise experience that they can build onto their individual program. Patients do not need to be able to swim as the program can be adjusted to be in the shallow end where they touch the bottom or done with a life jacket on.  The therapist attends the pool with the patient to work with them to understand the exercises and develop their skills to continue on their own. 

This is offered at our McPhillips location and your therapist can refer you to this program. Please call 204-694-2337 to inquire.